Pain, Love And Destiny

I’m very proud to announce that after the success of his first album, The Deepest Dark, my amazingly talented husband, Monte, is going to record his second album soon. He’s already written the incredible songs, he just needs the funds to record it in a studio, so he’s started a “Kickstarter” program on I can’t wait to hear the finished product!! Check it out!

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  1. Angela | 10th Feb 11

    Yesterday, I stumbled upon your blog as I searched for "musician's wife" (since I am one as well) and I told my hubby about you all and your cute kids with fun names…watched the Kickstarter video, and what do you know, while watching Ellen today I saw your husband backing up Adam Lambert. love it. Thanks for sharing your life in blog world.

  2. becca | 24th Feb 11

    can't wait to hear it loved the first album so i know the second one is going to be great as well. hugs to you and the kids

  3. Lisa | 15th Mar 11

    Angela, great! It's rare to find other musicians wives, as it's not exactly a "normal" job, so it's hard to find people who understand what it's like. So funny that you saw him the next day on TV! Thanks for reading!

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